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Fire Fighting Vehicle XMC4PW/150-JB/9.6-AL800


Equipped with water mist, portable fire pump, fire extinguish bomb(EPOTOS-100)etc. Four wheeled Fire Fighting Vehicle is a good choice for many kinds of fire.

With the water tank and foam tank on the Fire Fighting Vehicle, the fire class is 4A144B, the water mist can extinguish the fire of vehicle, oil, electric, buildings, forest and so on. Adopt Honda engine, automatic foam mixing system, DC and fog two models, the fire mist is more efficient.

The power of the portable fire pump is 13 horsepower, can work with fire hoses, wrench, fire nozzle, axe and so on.

Fire extinguish bomb(EPOTOS-100)have the function of fire fighting and drop the temperature, can extinguish fire such as A, B, C, E. It is easy to use, instead of throw the bomb in the fire, one EPOTOS-100 can work in the room of 150 m³, drop the temperature from 1000 ℃ to 100 ℃ within 30 second. It’s the best choice for hotel, hospital, school, warehouse, office, house, train, vehicle, ship, aircraft, submarine, power station and some place with precision instruments.

Item Specification
Volume of water tank(L) 150
Pressure (Mpa) 2.5
Power (kw) 5.5
DC range (m) 16
Water mist range (m) 8
Flow (L/min) 24
Foam expansion ratio 1:5
Length of hose 30
Fire class 4A, 144B (GB8109-2005)