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Fire Rescue Engine XMC4-TZ-AL800


Adopt advanced UTV chassis and strong force is up to 800 ml, the four wheeled motorcycle can climb up the slope and drived on various terrains, such as community, exhibition hall, tourist attractions, beach, jungle, mountain, snow, river, wetland, desert, grassland and almost all kinds of environment.

The standard equipment is a complete set of lightweight hydraulic rescue equipment and a set of manual breaking tools, have the function of spreading, cutting, lifting etc. The motorcycle is the rescue motorcycle for first response.

Manual Breaking Kit (Impactor)

The impact stroke is 442 mm, have the function of praying, wring, chiseling, cutting, hewing and so on.

Lightweight Hydraulic Rescue Kit

1.Lightweight Motor Pump

Working pressure is 72 Mpa, with mono coupler and can work for more than one hour. Weight is 14.8 kg.

2.Hydraulic Spreader

With the function of spreading and pulling. The max. spreading distance is 490mm and the

hauling distance up to 325mm, spreading force is 64 KN, weight is 9.6kg

3.Hydraulic Ram

Max. lifting force is 120KN and working distance is 350-570mm, weight is 9.4 kg

4.Hydraulic Combi Tool

Cutting capacity is 23 mm circle steel and 10 mm plate steel. Max. opening distance of blades is 220mm, rated cutting force is 190KN and rated spreading force is 35KN, weight is 9.1 kg

5.Hydraulic Cutter

Cutting capacity is 24 mm circle steel. Max. opening distance of blades is 90mm and rated cutting force is 190KN, weight is 8.7 kg.

Item Specification
Product Four wheeled rescue motorcycle
Engine 2V 91 MW
Engine displacement (ml) 800
Motor Two cylinder, water cooled, 4 stroke
Brake Disc brake
Clutch Automatic
Gearbox CVT
Lubrication Pressure splash
Injector Electric
Power (kw/rpm) 44/6000
Weight (kg) 880
Speed (km/h) 59
Start Electric
Wheelbase 1900
Ground clearance (mm) 285
Dimension (mm) 2950x1500x2050
Propeller shaft 4×4
Volume 24.5